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June 8, 2024
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BlackRock’s IBIT spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) has crossed the $21 billion mark in assets under management (AUM), reaching a total of 302,534 BTC as of Thursday. Your users or employees then proceed thru a personal budgeting game, manage a virtual stock portfolio and complete various lessons and quizzes along the way. Capture demographic and psychographic data, and seamlessly communicate with your participants as they use the platform.

white label trading app

Learn how easy it for your company to have its own white label trading or financial literacy program. A white-label trading platform works wonders for such a case because, again, it’s affordable and quick in terms of delivery. Discover how our social trading platform can deliver explosive organic growth and unrivaled engagement, from account growth to customer loyalty. Questions about our products, customers, and why you should add social trading to your brokerage? Empower end-users to make informed investments with data-driven decision-making, using industry insights, stock market sentiment, and trending topics.

Take advantage of GAIN Trader’s Private Label service.

By providing their clients with access to forex trading, they can increase revenue and client retention. What’s great about DXtrade is that it’s always deployed on servers Trading Api occupied by a single broker. And that’s what brokers should always check with their software providers – whether the platform has a single-tenant deployment.

Pinch, tap charts, and tilt your mobile devices to expand charts into horizontal  full view mode. US-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is reportedly exploring a funding round to raise over $100 million in preparation for an initial public offering (IPO). According to sources cited by Bloomberg on June 6, the funding round is expected to take place by 2025.

Who Benefits from White Label Forex Trading Apps?

This helps to speed up the process of adaptation to the WL solution, which fully transfers the original functionality of the platform, but allows for customization in accordance with the needs of the company. White label trading platform offers 100% rebranding and redesign of the app while leveraging the award-winning stock trading software for market leaders. In the development of electronic trading, on the one hand, many opportunities for diversification of investment activities for retail and corporate investors have appeared. Still, on the other hand, the competition has also increased, which has become a challenging test for many companies. To enter the market and provide their services, many players of both Forex and crypto markets today use white label solutions, among which one of the most popular are trading platforms. An FX grey-label solution allows individuals or businesses to create their own branded FX trading platform without the need for a new platform.

  • Here is an example of a ready-made trading interface that brokers can use from day one.
  • They include advanced analysis with dynamic watch lists, sophisticated charting tools, and in-depth research.
  • Some providers of white-label trading platforms even offer customization (e.g. widgets tailored to your specific business flow) but they come at additional cost.
  • Naturally, some WL providers stand taller than the rest, providing more advanced features, optimal price aggregation and other neat benefits.
  • Also, research your target audience to choose a platform that caters to the needs of today’s traders.

Getting a white-label forex trading platform is the best choice they can make (and well-established brokers might find it a better option too!). The platform also includes fully customizable workspaces for different trading styles, including scalping, intraday trading, long term trading, etc. B2Trader is a cutting-edge new trading platform with a strong matching engine that enables brokers to offer an extremely vast number of tradable assets, including digital assets, fiat currencies, forex, and stocks, among others. A closer look at a White Label trading platform is essential to understand the history of this type of solution. Since the Forex market has a high degree of competition, it serves a vital role in the financial system and provides exceptionally high liquidity for a large volume of different currencies. It piques the interest of many institutional and private investors in trading activities.

#1 Interactive Brokers

A well-customized platform can help differentiate a company from its competitors and
foster brand loyalty among users. Complex data collection requires robust charting mechanism to organize and visually map market disparities and trends. ETNA’s Trading platform for mobile devices features exceptional charting capabilities. Identify emerging market patterns, explore new trading opportunities with real-time streaming customizable charts and trade from charts to seize the opportunity right away.

white label trading app

It allows less experienced brokers or exchanges to build their unique brand and let their clients enjoy all the benefits of trading financial assets. Within the white label trading platform solution, you can find the possibility to use the multifunctional trading workspace to perform electronic trading based on any investment strategy. Forex white labeling has grown in popularity in recent years as an effective way for brokerage firms to expand their business and provide forex trading services to a broader range of clients. A white label forex trading platform allows businesses to offer branded forex trading services under the name of a brokerage firm.

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CTrader is globally renowned for its ability to deliver a complete package, allowing broker businesses to enter the market in a matter of weeks. CTrader takes care of the licensing tasks, backup systems, server setups and other technical challenges on the way to constructing a fully-fledged brokerage platform. There are several essential variables you must research before making a final decision. First and foremost, your white-label trading platform software should be provided by a trustworthy supplier.

white label trading app

Benefits include reduced development time and costs, the ability to focus on core business functions, and the flexibility to customize and scale the platform as needed. Regulatory compliance is a critical aspect of running a white-label trading platform. This section provides an overview of the regulatory landscape for trading platforms
and the steps businesses need to take to ensure compliance. In the context of trading platforms, the white-label model allows financial service providers to offer a trading platform
under their brand, enabling them to enter the market quickly and efficiently.

Finally, B2Trader is a brand-new platform produced by the B2Broker group, the company delivering crypto and forex WL solutions. While B2Trader is not strictly for forex purposes, numerous forex brokers benefit from adopting new income streams through crypto trading offerings. Secondly, the features and capabilities of the WL software should be up-to-date and ready to perform without additional development. The WL supplier should be capable of delivering a solution that helps you acquire a specific niche. For example, you might wish to construct a white-label copy trading platform, and your WL provider should supply you with appropriate systems to support this primary trading method.

white label trading app

Operational integration can be completed in weeks, allowing clients to expand their offerings quickly. ETNA Trader Mobile provides a ready-to-use white label trading platform for retail broker-dealers. Incorporate your brand into the mobile app to create the cohesive look and feel that reflects your business messaging and identity. Designed to work seamlessly with web trader, our mobile applications can be connected to a pre-existing trading infrastructure as well. White label mobile stock trading platform enable brokers and digital wealth management firms to launch online investing from mobile devices within days. Broker-dealers improve customer loyalty, get new clientele and increase trading volumes with white label mobile trading apps by ETNA.


Despite their unique benefits, grey-label solutions have their fair share of shortcomings that need to be carefully considered before making the final choice. Also, research your target audience to choose a platform that caters to the needs of today’s traders. Reputation Risks – The reputation of a white-label partner is linked to the parent broker, and unethical practices or regulatory issues can negatively impact your brand image, so it’s crucial to choose a trustworthy broker. Key licensing and registration requirements for white-label forex ventures include obtaining approval from regulatory bodies such as the FCA (UK) or equivalent bodies in other countries. Some AML procedures include Customer Due Diligence (CDD), which entails verifying customers’ identities and assessing their risk levels. As a result, a forex broker who has previously operated in a country such as Belize and wishes to expand to other stricter jurisdictions may face significant compliance issues.

White Label Cons

End-users benefit from a seamless trading experience, supported by advanced technology and a wide range of trading tools. By adopting white-label solutions, businesses can leverage state-of-the-art technology to deliver a comprehensive trading experience to their clients. Ensure that the app and the white label provider comply with the regulatory requirements of the regions where you plan to offer the service. Establish your foothold in the global financial markets swiftly, cost-effectively, and effortlessly. The platform offers advanced indicators and chart analysis tools for traders seeking depth, paving the way for informed trading decisions. These built-in tools provide traders with an edge, allowing them to navigate the market dynamics with precision.

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